Kontakt is a performing arts constellation consisting of the Norwegian violinist & composer Terese Lien Evenstad and Swedish theatre actor & writer Emma Axberg. Together they create cross-artistic experiences based on improvised performance art. Kontakt collaborates with artists in different art forms and the shows are often shaped by the artistic craft of the guest artist. Currently Kontakt is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In Kontakt’s performances everything is improvised, so every show becomes uniquely shaped by the present audience. Axberg and Evenstad create stories that come alive when poetry, movement, music, and theatre are improvised simultaneously.

You, as an audience, can experience everything from sadness to comedy, heartbreaking poetry to heartwarming soundscapes of music. The stories in the performance by Axberg and Evenstad reflect our times and inner thoughts of life – all performed directly from the heart. The core of the performance lies in the interplay between these two improvisational artists who meet within different art disciplines. They create an eye-opening performance that touches through energy, timing, and sensitivity.

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