Terese Lien Evenstad is a highly regarded jazz violinist in the Nordics, recognized for her musical contributions and performances. As the pioneering jazz violinist to graduate from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, her distinctive sound effortlessly melds with the jazz tradition. Evenstad’s fearless experimentation results in contemporary jazz deeply rooted in tradition, showcasing her musical creativity.

”She has given the violin a new face in jazz”


Terese Lien Evenstad, a jazz violinist from Norway/Sweden, began her musical journey within the classical school at the age of 7. At 25, she immersed herself in the world of jazz and graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (2016). Since 2017, Evenstad has not only contributed to several albums but has also released five albums, three of which feature her original contemporary jazz compositions.

She is a versatile artist who excels in her solo projects and collaborates with various constellations. In 2017, she founded the record label Jotun Records, bearing her name, and distributes her music digitally through The Orchard.

Terese’s most recent album, ”Movement,” released in 2023 under the German record label Berthold Records, was highlighted by a tour in both Germany and India, as well as an unforgettable release concert at Fasching in Stockholm. In the same year, Terese achieved another milestone when she received a 2-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Looking ahead to 2024, she plans to leverage the inspiration she gained from her Indian tour to create new music and produce her fourth album.

In 2023, Terese entered into contracts with two notable bookers: Marita Goga from Germany and Arun Sivag from India. Additionally, she was selected by Export Sweden to participate in three networking events throughout the year at Jazzahead, Elbjazz, and the European Jazz Conference, aiming to expand her professional connections. Furthermore, she initiated a collaboration with the PR agent Christina Gleaser in Sweden.

Her music and performances have led to several nominations and prizes in the last few years, such as the ”Louis Armstrong-scholarship” in 2018, with the motivation: ”She has given the violin a new face within jazz.” Terese has been honored to perform her music with ”Bohuslän Big Band,” one of Sweden’s most well-known big bands. Evenstad was invited to their project called ”Up-and-coming Artists 2019”, where they present young musicians who have made a name for themselves in the Swedish jazz society. In 2019 she was nominated for the concert series ”Young Swedish Soloist 2019” produced by Scenkonst Sörmland and awarded the ”J: son Scholarship” by the legendary guitarist Janne Schaffer.

During 2022, she had the honor of being part of ”Meet the Artist” at Örebro University School of Music in Örebro, conducting a 2-day workshop with final-year students. Over the years, Terese has received several grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Swedish Arts Council for her projects. She has had the privilege of performing with renowned ensembles like Bohuslän Big Band, and Music Music Music Oversized, as well as esteemed jazz musicians such as Lina Nyberg, Fabian Kallerdahl, Kristin Amparo, Peter Knudsen, Eva Lindal, Stina Hällberg Agback, Örjan Hultén, Frank Vignola & Vinny Raviolo, among others. Additionally, she has toured in countries including Germany, India, Norway, Italy, and Switzerland.

She has her roots in traditional jazz and has listened extensively to artists like Sonny Rollins, Ella Fitzgerald, Errol Garner, and Horace Silver, among others. She enjoys experimenting and developing her personal expression, pushing the boundaries of jazz. Her influences in jazz violin include Ola Kvernberg, Didier Lockwood, Fiona Monbet, Aurelien Trigo, and Eva Slongo.

”Vital and dense modern Nordic jazz of high class. A driven violinist with a deep sense of jazz”

– Sydsvenskan, Alexander Agrell (Sweden, 2023).

”Powerful and sensitive with great energy and dynamism – an inherent primal force with improvisational freedom”.

– Opulens Magazine (Sweden, 2023)

Evenstad is a brilliant violinist who has absorbed a significant portion of modern jazz history. Furthermore, she makes no secret of her Nordic heritage, which has also left its mark on her expression.”

– Nettavisen (Norway, 2023)

”Terese possesses such dazzling technique that she should be considered the foremost practitioner in the Nordic region within her genre.”

– Mats Hallberg, Kulturbloggen (2023)