Thou Shalt Swing perform french hot jazz commonly known as “jazz manouche”. The repertoire consists mainly of Django Reinhardt’s tunes, both from his early and late days, but the repertoire also incorporates other swing standards and bebop/post-bebop tunes. The group is upholding the tradition of this style of swing and blends it with the band member’s expression to keep their performances unique and organic.

The Group’s constellation is the result of a fondness for acoustic music, 2 guitars, double bass and violin. The band members met at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in the autumn of 2013 and have had many concerts since, in and outside Sweden. Thou Shalt Swing released its debut album in October 2017 which received great reviews.

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Band members:

Terese Lien Evenstad – Violin
Joakim Sandgren – Guitar
Albin Vesterberg – Guitar
Daniel Forsberg – Double bass