Terese Lien Evenstad and her band deliver powerful and sensitive Nordic jazz, with great energy and dynamics. Her music embraces driving rhythms, swinging melodies, and the freedom of improvisation. Each song tells its own tale, drawing inspiration from places, experiences, and events. As a listener, you get to experience different moods in the music, where the room fills with exhilarating piano solos, sparkling clarinet phrases, and delicate soundscapes that resonate deeply within your being.

While embracing a slightly more modern and ”rocking” soundscape, the compositions exhibit a vein of folk music, elevating the music beyond the boundaries of pure jazz. Terese fearlessly experiments with various playing techniques, which ensures a rich variation that guides the listener’s engagement throughout the concert.

Together with pianist Fabian Kallerdahl, bassist Arvid Jullander, drummer Johan Birgenius, and clarinetist Alexander Ivarsson, Terese Lien Evenstad forms a band that touches the listener with expressive violin jazz as a signature.

TERESE LIEN EVENSTAD was born in Norway and is the first jazz violinist in history to graduate from the Bachelor’s Program in Jazz-Performance at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her music and performances have led to a nomination in the prestigious jazz prize of Jazzkatten in the category ”Newcomer of the year 2018” which is awarded by the Swedish national radio P2. She was also awarded the ”Louis Armstrong-scholarship” in 2018 with the motivation: ”She has given the violin a new face within jazz”. Terese has also been honored to perform her music with ”Bohuslän Big Band”, one of the most well known big bands in Sweden. She was invited to their project called ”Up-and-coming artists 2019”, where they present young musicians who have made a name for themselves in the Swedish jazz society. In 2019 she was nominated for the concert series ”Young Swedish Soloist 2019” produced by Scenkonst Sörmland and awarded the ”J: son Scholarship” by Janne Schaffer and the Jury.

FABIAN KALLERDAHL is a musical powerhouse from Gothenburg, Sweden. His energetic, rhythmic, and impulsive way of playing and composing made him an essential figure in Swedish jazz. Kallerdahl has been awarded the prestigious ”Jazz in Sweden” award and is known for his work with the piano trio Musicmusicmusic, with whom he has performed worldwide and released ten albums.

ARVID JULLANDER from Gothenburg, Sweden, is one of the most interesting and upcoming bassists in Sweden. He has played with top musicians from all over the world. Chosen as one out of three bassists to the ”Betty Carters Jazz Ahead” program, he got to work with Jason Moran, Eric Harland, Carmen Lundy, and Eric Revis, among many others. After studying at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, he is now one of the hardest working musicians in the city. In August 2018 he was awarded the ”Monica Zetterlund” award, which is given out to one young up and coming jazz musician every year.

JOHAN BIRGENIUS is a versatile yet highly profiled musician known for his nuances and energetic outbursts. He regularly plays on the international scene with various bands and projects and always works for the collective to sound as good as possible.

ALEXANDER IVARSSON is a Swedish musician based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s influenced by a wide variety of musical genres but the one that he holds dearest to his heart is bebop. With influences like “Stan” Åke Hasselgård, Buddy Defranco, Ken Peplowski, Putte Wickman, Tony Scott amongst others, Alexander has created his own sound. It’s a combination of strict bebop lines and more impulsive modern language.bAlexander has been playing the clarinet since he was 8 years old and has played concerts with musicians such as; Per “Texas” Johansson, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Peter Asplund, Jojje Wadenius, Victoria Tolstoy, Tina Ahlin, Nils Landgren and many others.