TLE Quartet

The Band consists of musicians from Sweden, Norway and Iceland and plays modern jazz written by the jazzviolinist Terese Lien Evenstad. The modern jazz gets a Nordic contemporary expression through each musician’s personal interpretation and the music gets a unique sound of the rare constellation with violin, piano, contrabass and drums.

The compositions leads the traditional jazz outside the box. The music oscillates between the fragile and powerful with both modal and free elements embedded in lyrical melodies, strong contrasts and Nordic melancholy.

The band started in spring 2016 at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where all have studied at the jazzprogram.

Terese Lien Evenstad – violin

Anna Gretha Siguardottir – piano.

Josef Karnebäck – bass

Oskar Mattsson – drums


TLE on SoundCloud


Photo: Hanna Nyström