The Jazzcats

The Jazzcats take you back to the time when Nalen (a Swedish famous dancevenue) still was in full bloom with dance, laughter and people toasting into the wee hours. Some of Sweden’s top jazz musicians has gathered in one and the same band and together they create energetic music that add gilt edge on your event, whether it is the mingle party, firmparty or jazz club.

The Jazzcats are playing jazz from the 30-40 century and the essence of the bands expression is made of pure joy. The band offers instrumental music with elements of song wrapped in the finest arrangements.

Band members:
Terese Lien Evenstad – violin
Alexander Ivarsson – clarinet / vocal
Johan Åström – trombone
Alf Carlsson – guitar
Samuel Löfdahl – bass
Oskar Mattsson – drums

The Jazzcats on SoundCloud