Woodland (official release: October 7th)

Jotun Records Jotun001

All tracks composed and produced by Terese Lien Evenstad
1. Jotunheimen
2. Dreamland
3. The hills have eyes
4. Drunken Sailor
5. Baba-Jaga
6. Nostalgia
7. Eagle
8. Dear old you

Terese Lien Evenstad – violin and octave violin
Anna Greta Sigurdardottir – piano
Josef Karnebäck – contrabass
Oskar Mattsson – drums

This album was recorded in Nilento Studio, Kållered 2017, by Michael Dahlvid. It was mixed by Pål Svenre and mastered by Thomas Eberger/Stockholm Mastering. The photographers of the album are Torleif-Emil Eng and Hanna Nyström. Anna Mattsson edited the photos and Anna Berglund designed the albumcover.

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