“The population of jazz violinists have always been small but strong. One of the reasons for this is that violin is a difficult instrument. Despite talent, a lot of practicing is required. With Stephane Grappelli as a benchmark, Terese has practiced and practiced and practiced and finally found her own expression. She played with authority, grooving, technically brilliant and perfectly nuanced. Grappelli would have certainly enjoyed it.” – Hans Erik Bergman, Sundsvall magazine, 2017

Terese Lien Evenstad is one of Sweden’s few jazz violinists and is the first in history to graduate from Bachelor’s programme in Jazz at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Today she has released two albums and is the band leader for three groups, composes music and teaches jazz and improvisation for string musicians.

Terese originally comes from Elverum in Norway, but moved as a child to Ulricehamn in Västra Götaland, Sweden. She started playing violin as a seven-year-old and played classical music until high school when she discovered the jazz music and moved to Arvika (in Sweden) to study jazz at Ingesund folk highschool. She graduated from the Bachelor’s program in jazz at Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 2016 and has since then been performing regularly in and outside Sweden at jazz clubs and festivals.

As a jazz violinist she has her roots in the traditional jazz but moves freely between genres and likes to experiment. In the fall of 2017 she released her debut album “Woodland” which contains her own compositions played by TLE Quartet. Her own music can be described as “atmospheric modern jazz, varied lyric and pulsating, with melodies capable of painting images in the head of the listener.” (Sydsvenskan, Alexander Agrell).

In the fall of 2017 she released two albums with two different projects, one of them was her debutalbum “Woodland” (Jotun Records) and the other one with Thou Shalt Swing, which got great reviews. Terese has been nominated to the prestigious jazzprize of “Jazzkatten” which is awarded by the Swedish national radio P2 (swedens largest jazzprize) and she was also awarded the “Louis Armstrong-scholarship” in 2018. This year she has been honored to play with “Bohuslän Big Band”, one of the most two most well known big bands in Sweden. Terese was invited to their project called “Up and coming artists 2019”, where they present young musicians who have made a name for themselves in the Swedish jazz society.  

Scholarship that she has received:

Louis Armstrong scholarship 2018
– Scholarship from the swedish Art Council 2018
– Fredrika Bremer förbundets stiftelse 2016
– Fonogramstöd from Counsellor for Cultural Affairs 2016
– Scholarship from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm 2015

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Photo: Alice Petz